$1997/week for 8 weeks

  •  All Silver/Gold Programs Benefits

  • Payment plan for new startups  

  • Mini MBA in Entrepreneurship​​

  • 1-on-1 Web Meetings - 4 hours/week ​

  • Access all Powerpoints of Graduates​

  • Co-Create Successful Presentation

  • Two Dedicated Analysts for Research/PPT

  • Formal Graduation- Present to Investors

  • 50% of Graduates Raise Money!


Platinum Membership


 $997/week for 6 weeks

  • All Silver Program Benefits Included plus additional 2 slide deck libraries of choice from previous graduates

  • Group session with Robert Kramarz for 1 hour weekly


  1. Zoom meeting

  2. Focus on Creative Feedback

  3. Help with Ideas for Vision

  4. Scaled down version of Bootcamp

  5. Master Mind Collaboration with Our Analysts

  • Pitch Deck Group Assessments at 1hr office hours with Robert Kramarz.

  1. Will provide critiques and creative feedback

  2. Office hours limited to 10 participants to allow adequate time for feedback

  3. Certificate of Completion

Gold Membership


 $297/week for 6 weeks

  • Premium Content​


  1. Six modules, many videos; Approx. 200 minutes of content

  2. Receive slides of one graduated boot camper

  3. Hack Investors' Brains

  4. Additional graduate slide decks optional at $50/deck

  • Office Hours – Access to group meeting 2hr/week with other entrepreneurs led by a Venture Capital Analyst.


  1. Review Boot Camp Concepts

  2. Weekly Zoom group meetings run by analysts, Max 15 people

  3. Master Mind Session with other CEOs to provide feedback

  4. Certificate of Completion

Silver Membership


Startup Funding Boot Camp offers three different programs, each lasting 6 weeks. We help entrepreneurs raise MONEY. Over 25 Graduates from diverse businesses.